Stacy Cohen, MD

Stacy Cohen, MD
Board-Certified General & Addiction Psychiatrist based in Los Angeles, CA



Dr. Cohen sees mental health issues from biological, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives, creating the truly integrative approach necessary to build lasting recovery from complex conditions. 

She offers private sessions for medication management and/or psychotherapy as well as consultation and referral services to help determine the most appropriate recovery programs for you and your loved ones. 


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Client Reviews

Dr. Cohen was unlike any psychiatrist I had seen in the past. She really took the time to get to know me and was able to help me find the right medications as well as make the lifestyle changes necessary for me to really recover.
— Patient
Dr. Cohen helped my husband and I find the proper treatment center for our daughter who was struggling with addiction. She educated us about addiction and pointed us in the right directions to learn the tools we needed to heal as a family.
— Mother of Patient
I really appreciate working with Dr. Cohen, because she prioritizes the team approach to mental health care. She is easy to communicate with and has great suggestions for directions of therapy.
— Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does Dr. Cohen take insurance? Dr. Cohen is an out-of-network provider. Dr. Cohen requires full payment at the time of each visit. Dr. Cohen has an account with a program that can help make getting your out-of-network reimbursements back easy. She will provide a medical receipt (superbill) upon request after payment.

  2. What are Dr. Cohen’s rates? Dr. Cohen’s practice has expanded. There are a variety of providers available, in addition to Dr. Cohen, and the rates vary. Please call 424.532.1552 to inquire about the rate of your visit.

  3. What is the cancellation policy? Cancellations >24 hours/one business day will be refunded if paid in advance. Cancellations < 24 hours/one business day will be charged the appointment fee. Monday appointments must be cancelled on Friday to avoid charges.